7 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Although the way to increase Twitter followers seems long and difficult, it is actually very short and effortless thanks to a few tactics.

Twitter social media network is an important social network that we should pay attention to for individual and commercial uses. I definitely think every business and community should exist. Because its impact and interaction on the agenda is quite high compared to other networks.

As in many networks, followers are the most important element in the Twitter network. That’s why we need to work regularly to increase our number of followers. So what is the way to increase Twitter followers? I cover how you can increase your follower count on Twitter in 7 effective steps.

Our three main criteria that we will mention in this regard are; “Content sharing, Post creation and non-Twitter activities”.

Let’s Get to Know Twitter Briefly

We’ve all heard of Twitter, even if we don’t get into the gist of it. Many of us use it actively. So, let’s talk about it briefly, shall we? Let’s make a short note for those who don’t know.

Twitter is a network originating from America and has been in our lives since 2006. Its most distinctive feature is that it has a character restriction. This means you can enter text or content up to a certain character. In my opinion, all other features are similar to other social media networks.

For me, another important feature that distinguishes Twitter from others is its influence. It has a serious impact all over the world. Because literally celebrities, politicians and businessmen actively use this network individually. This increases interaction and real-world impact.

7 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

Now let’s discuss how to increase our number of followers in seven basic steps.

Sharing Images on Twitter

Our first priority is visuals. Visual posts attract much more attention and reactions than text-based posts. Therefore, be careful to tweet with images to attract more attention and increase interaction.

According to a research conducted and our analysis, posts shared on Twitter that include images receive 50% more retweets and likes and reactions. It is liked 89% more than those without images. Click-through rates are 18% higher for those that contain images than those that do not. It is a known fact that like and retweet rates increase the interaction of our posts. Engagement rate means potential followers. In other words, the first factor that increases our number of followers is the interaction of our posts. You can start this with posts containing images. Be sure to use a relevant and effective visual in most, if not every tweet.

Video Sharing

Another way to increase followers on Twitter is to share video content. If you want to get lots of likes and reach potential followers, be sure to tweet with videos from time to time. Because the posts that get the most likes and retweets are the ones containing videos. You have a chance of getting 28% more retweets than regular tweets.

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Be Careful to Use Hashtags

Hashtag appears as labeling. However, you can basically think of it as a network’s effort to rank it on the search engine. That’s why you should use hashtags with appropriate criteria in your posts. But I must also say that there is a big mistake made here. You must definitely use it correctly. So, how to use the Right Hashtag?

Using the Correct Hastags on Twitter

First of all, Hastags seems like the keyword you want to be and get out of among me, but basically it wasn’t. For example, imagine you discovered a new feature in the Randomness search engine. You Tweet this. There are a few words you can use as hashtags. But if you want to quit when you type Google, you won’t get full results even if you type Google here. That’s why you should label it correctly. Let’s briefly list the correct Hastags usage tips. We will discuss this issue in more detail in our future articles.

  1. Use no more than 3 or 4 Hashtags.
  2. Make sure to use at least one.
  3. Use hashtags appropriate to your tweet content.
  4. If possible, use the words in the sentence. In other words, do not add hashtags like #Randomness #search to a sentence like “Randomness search engine has been renewed”. 
  5. Never use tags or Hastags outside of the subject.

Joke and Self-Oriented Approach

Style is important. You must have a good command of the language you use and use humorous spellings that are suitable for the person suffix I.

Follow the Agenda

You should follow the agenda well and tweet accordingly. One of the most important ways to increase the number of followers permanently and quickly is to follow the agenda closely, be involved in it and tweet accordingly.

Produce appropriate content by following trending Hastags throughout the agenda.

Advertise to Increase Followers

Give ads to increase followers. Use Twitter ads well in this context. There are special solutions such as access, video views, website clicks, and follower increase. Use the ones that suit you. Take advantage of advertising solutions especially to increase followers.

Buy Regular Twitter Followers

There are agencies that offer social media solutions to increase followers. We, SmmStore.co.UK, are an agency that offers the best quality solutions. By purchasing followers, you can reach the followers you want in a short time. I recommend you to review our special study and package about buying and increasing Twitter followers.

Bonus: Way to Increase Twitter Followers on External Channels

I also recommend that you work in areas other than Twitter to increase your followers. Use buttons on your Facebook, website, blog and e-commerce site where they can follow your Twitter account. Shoot videos and share them on YouTube etc. If you are publishing it on social networks, you should mention your Twitter account in the video and encourage it to follow.

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